#OneWord2018 – FollowThrough

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The past few years has seen me participate in the One Word activity with some mixed results. Yes, it gives me a sense of purpose and motivation at the beginning of a new year, but as I sit writing this blog post I cannot remember any of my previous words. The words that I sought to help bring my life into focus or inspire me to greater things have apparently failed to do either.

My life is much like it was a few years ago when I started participating in the One Word challenge. Although, I do have more gray hair and have managed to pack on a few pounds, but generally, I am the same guy. This lack of real change has given me pause and made me wonder why. Then, it struck me like a spark flying from the fire pit, which made me jump up and say WOW!

I realized I don’t need a motivational word or any type of inspiration because I already have that, but what I am lacking is “Follow Through”. Yes, that is two words, but it is one concept. I have a great ideas and I think about doing something with them … I share them … I try them, but I never push them to be as good as they could be. I have a blog, but I only put down about 10% of my thoughts because I never follow through. I have so many projects started and when they are completed they will be epic, but I fear many will never see completion.

This lack of follow through is not just about my life as a professional educator, but also as a father, husband, and son.

This year, I am going to follow through.

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