A Student Speaks

I had a student who wrote out some thoughts on her paper and she shared them with me. These are her words:

They tell me i’m too young to understand complex emotions. So many people are close minded, this is conserved and a popular notion. But these complex emotions are the true things that I find myself knowing. And you too will find this to be true when you’re hearing the truth in these words that are flowing. Yes we, we, WE, we are the people. A group of men and women kneeling and praying at steeples. Talking about our future and what is best for our people. When we don’t really know what’s going on in the streets though. “We are a family, we’re doing what’s best for our own”. But does that include the people that you do not know? We claim all the females of this world are our sisters and the guys are our brothers. But how often do you see us sticking our necks out and doing what’s best for each other. So many times I hear “ We are one”, but yet the world has been filled up to the brim and overrun by people who only worry about their own success. They don’t care, if it helps, who they will push down next. It’s a race to the top. Everyone wishes to be in charge. They don’t care about the cries of young children or booms of fire arms. Who are we, and what in the world are we doing? If this was a contest for the saddest community then we would be winning. Where’s the love? Where’s the heart? Where’s the soul? These are things young children growing up will never know. When will we work for change? When will we actually try? When will the sound of others agony come to bring tears to our eyes? How dare we… just sit and watch idly by. Seeing others families struggle and just saying “Glad it’s not mine”. Well your wrong, that family is also yours. They are only living under a different roof and closed in by different doors. It’s sad and i’m ashamed to know this is the community I come from. Because this kind of world is not something to be proud of. We talk to much, it’s time to actually put some action in our words. Steps need to be taken. Not people just standing around in herds. Not just spreading the word and their being no action yet everyone’s heard. We need to be there for each-other … Finally learning to love one- another. All whites, all blacks, all mixed. Something new needs to happen, this world needs to be fixed. I’m tired of everyone being so vain. That’s why i’m pouring my heart into what i’m saying. Can’t you hear them, the cries for our help? Or are you too busy using tinder or yelp… open your eyes and you might just lose your smile. Oh! now you notice.. Well it has been like this for a while. Yeah you missed it, just watching from your phones. While your brothers and sisters were struggling with no place to call home. This is me doing my best. So that maybe this personal letter will make it out to the rest. Maybe alert someone big, then they can do their best and try to dig. I myself can’t do much but i hope that this is enough. Hopefully this touched someone important, and in comparison to me…. Works far above. And maybe then, for a first, all through the streets you’ll be able to feel love. But for now i’ll be able to reach my father and my mother… and my dream is maybe someday the world will be true…
Sisters & Brothers-

Take a moment and reflect on what she is saying … don’t judge just reflect.

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