The Empty Classroom is a Sad Classroom

The end of the school year is always a mixed bag of emotions. There is excitement for the end of the school year as kids move one step closer to their future and a sense of sadness as one leg of the journey ends. The individual teacher is a one cog in the life of a student and once the school year ends our active role in their life mostly ceases to exist and we are just a memory in their lives.

As I finished the process of packing up my room and i snapped some pictures I had a moment of reality. A room that was once filled with the hustle and bustle of student activity and laughter was now empty and void of sound with the exception of the hum of the air cempty roomonditioner. The classroom decor that provided inspiration to the soul of learning has been removed leaving barren walls absent of life. Staring at the empty floor space I see piles of dirt and foot prints that are part of the memories in this space, but soon the cleaners will come and those too will be erased as they prepare the canvas for next year’s inspiration. And over there, is the only clean and shiny spot that remains from the previous canvas … the spot where the sound cart rested for the entire year.  I am astonished by how dirty my floor is when compared to this tiny clean spot.

The silence is deafening in this room.

All the memories packed away.

Allow me to flip the lights off and start my Summer, but rest assured, I will be back in a couple of months to breath the soul back into this lifeless classroom and prepare to make new memories for another group of students.

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