One Word 2020 …

It is that time of year when it seems everyone is picking a word that will inspire them throughout the year. A word that will enable them to focus on what is important. I have participated in the #OneWord for a number of years with a mixed bag of success. To be honest … I am not even sure how to explain the logic behind my word.

My word … IT … and I am not talking about the Pennywise version of IT, but rather the “Just Do It” version of the word. “It” can take on so many different things … but do we really know what “it” is.Word IT

I can take the recommendation from Nike and “Just Do It”. Every decision I make I can take the “Just Do It” attitude and not let anything stand in my way. “It” in this case is anything that needs to be done. It can be a positive thing … like going out playing a game … or … it can be the most mundane or hideous task … like testing. The “Just Do It” attitude can be taken to mean … we just have to fight our way through “it” … like cleaning the cat litter box after after you changed brands of food. You just have to do it.

Damn … I hope I don’t have to go through many of those explosive cat litter box cleanings so I can practice my “Just do IT” attitude.

Then of course the Fu … whoa there … maybe we will go with “Screw IT”. Once again we have an undefined “IT”. What is it and why do we think we need to screw it. It is almost like the “Just Do It” mantra with a bit more attitude. It is facing “it” with out fear. The “So, you don’t think I can do it … Hold my beer” attitude. I think I need more of the Fu … Screw It attitude going forward. Not just in an academic sense, but in a life sense. There is no point sitting on the side line doing nothing when “IT” has to be done … or “IT” should be done. Too often we wait for someone else to take “IT” by the horns and get “IT” done. Screw It … we’re going to get it done.

In the movie City Slickers there is a theme of finding what “It” is. Curly uses his finger to represent “it”. What is “it” that makes you happy? Am I doing the “it” that makes me happy. When I am in the process of doing “it” as a teacher am I helping the kids find their “IT”. Does everything I do have to do with “it” … maybe that has been my problem … so focused on “it” that maybe I have missed the real “it”.

I think I will take a step back and get a better view of “it” …


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