Another Brick in the Wall … Pt 1

Everyday … across the world, millions of children are sent to school to be educated by highly qualified, well-intending people who end up adding a brick in the wall of that kid’s life. I am not saying these bricks are intentionally laid, but whether done intentionally or inadvertently because of a school policy, the kid will forever link that teacher to that brick in their wall. No matter what they do with their future self, how they conceal their wall with fresh stucco or paint, underneath it all are the bricks in their wall.

Every person has a wall that has been built. How have those bricks affected their life?

Understanding our role as teachers and how, in that role, we can positively and negatively affect a kid’s life is important. Teachers do many positive things on a daily basis, but how many times have we done something, maybe without even realizing, that hurt a child. Take a moment and think about how many times you have walked down the halls and scolded a kid for running, but maybe that kid was going through something that day and your words struck them more harshly. We all have those moments in our life that we look back on and wish things could have been different. I know I have moments where I look back on an interaction and wish I would have handled things differently … as a teacher and a student.

This blog series will be about talking about those moments where a brick was laid in my wall … or in the wall of another person. Yes, I will be writing these posts. However, there will be guest blog posts as well … some will be named while others may be anonymous as we explore how bricks have been added to our wall and maybe through this process be able to talk about how we can go about removing bricks and also how to prevent laying bricks.

It should be noted that the inspiration for this blog series has been provided by the songs Happiest Days of Our Lives and Another Brick in the Wall Part II from the album The Wall by Pink Floyd. However, the idea would have never been discovered had it not been for Mr. Terborg dm’ing me on Twitter and planting this seed.

If you have thoughts to add or if you would like to guest blog, let me know.

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