Been a Long Time …

It is a new year, but the same thoughts are there … the same life … the same obstacles … the same words being said. Yet, here I am. Thinking that putting fingertips to keys will actually make a sound in the chaotic noise of education, but then I wonder if “is this an activity that is more about me thinking than about someone reading?” IDK …

The last time I wrote was sometime in July 2020 … talking some good smack about being brave and ready to start the new year in a virtual environment … less than three months before COVID got my Dad and a little more than three months before COVID got my Mom. That kind of shiznit will add some crazy perspective to your life. Something that was mostly news stories about some one else became my life story leaving a puzzle that now has missing pieces. The pieces cannot be replaced, but we do not throw out the puzzle. We just go on … coming back to the puzzle, looking at the empty spaces left by the missing pieces.

CRAP! This was not where I envisioned this one going, but alas, this train has derailed into the dark abyss, so I will end this one and hope my next one will a little less dark.

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