I am a Middle School teacher at a STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering  – Art – Mathematics) designated School of the Arts located in Winter Haven, Florida.

I guide middle school students in a class I call Technology Enhanced Creativity Class where students have access to a Fabrication Lab and Television Production equipment. I am active in the professional development of teachers at my school. As an educator who embraces the technology enhanced, art infused, no fear learning environment, my classes do not look, act, or feel like traditional classrooms, which is quite clear the moment you walk through the door and see no school furniture, except the chairs. 

I have named my learning environment the Green Dragon Classroom because in my room it is about educating kids with a revolutionary attitude and our name derives from the Green Dragon Tavern, a historical place where Revolutionaries met in the 1770s. In the Green Dragon Classroom kids are not afraid to use their voice and build memories as they learn. The focus is not about a test score, but to help them develop into the people who will shape our future.

I am Dennis Dill and I educate with a Revolutionary Attitude.


2018, 2019 – FETC Presenter

2016-17 Jewett School of the Arts Teacher of the Year 

2015 Bammy Award Nominee – Middle School Teacher

2014 Florida History Day High School Teacher of the Year

2011 Polk Charter Schools Association Teacher of the Year 2nd Runner Up

2011 McKeel Academy of Technology Middle School Teacher of the Year

2010 Florida History Day Teacher of Merit


You Want Me to Learn How? Educational Horizons Vol 93, Issue 3, 2015 February